Pianodisc Player Piano Installation

Your Piano Moved To Piano Shop


Pianodisc Player Piano Systems Are Installed At Paul Dewalt's Piano Shop.  Here Is Mason & Hamlin Model A Ready For Pianodisc Player Piano Installation.

Slot Cut Out Of Piano Keybed


The Pianodisc Player System Is Mounted Underneath The Keys After A Slot Is Cut.

Solenoids And Plungers


Pianodisc Solenoids and Plungers Are Mounted On To A Tray And Then Attched To The Piano Keybed.

Pianodisc Attached Underneath


Pianodisc Player Piano Components Are Attached Underneath Mason & Hamlin Model A

Pianodisc With Ipad Tablet


Pianodisc Uses Wireless Technology.  Almost 500 Songs Are Uploaded To An Apple Ipad Which Opoerates The Pianodisc Player Piano.

Pianodisc Plays Chopin


Listen To Chopin On Pianodisc Player Paino System Installed Into Mason & Hamlin Model A.  Click The Link Below.