The Photos Below Show The Most Common Piano "Restoration"  Projects Paul Dewalt's Piano Provides.    Click The "Shop" Tab For More Photos.

Piano Restoration

Custom Piano Hammers


Paul Dewalt's Piano Service Replaces Piano Hammers.  The Piano Hammer Strikes The Piano String  And Is Important For Tone.  Old Piano Hammers Sound Harsh Or Dead.

Piano Damper Felts


Piano Damper Felt Is Easy To Replace And Will Improve Tone.  As Old Piano Damper Felt Ages They Don't Damper The Piano Strings Properly.

Piano Key Bushings


Piano Key Bushings Wear And Need Replacement Over Time.  If Your Piano Keys Are Noisy And Have Too Much Side-To-Side Play The Bushings Should Be Replaced.

Piano Strings


Bass Piano Strings Start Sounding "Tubby" After About Twenty-Five Years.  They Can Be Replaced In The Home.  Complete Piano Stringing Is Done In The Shop.

WNG Composite Piano Parts


WNG Piano Action Parts Provide Greater Uniformity And Precision Than Wooden Acftion Parts.  Paul Dewalt's Piano Installs  Both High-End Wooden And Composite Piano Action Parts.

Piano Action Regulation


Piano Action Regulation Is As Important As Piano Tuning.  Piano Action Regulation Is Required To Maintain The Proper Touch Or 'Feel'.