"I recently switched my piano tuner because a friend recommended Paul Dewalt. He is superb. Paul tuned two pianos for me, a baby grand and a console. The baby grand was an antique and the mechanism had grown clumsy. Paul raised up all the key connections, reshaped some of the hammers, and tightened things here and there. It was a whole different instrument when he was finished. And it was the most perfect tuning I ever heard. He was working on that piano for over three hours - at least twice as long as any tuner I've ever used before. And when he was done, he only wanted to charge me his usual $100! I couldn't even stomach doing that to him, so I paid him more."  ---Jon H.

"Paul is the greatest! He saved our piano that two other people told us was unfixable. He did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend him."   ---Lori Strickland

"Paul has been my piano tuner for at least the last five years. He also replaced the hammers and shanks of my Yamaha C-3 Grand Piano. By the way, he will be here again tomorrow, May 13, 2013 to tune the piano for my end of May studio recital. I highly recommend him since he knows very well what he is doing and he is also a skillful pianist and a good friend."  ---Ruben Malan

"Absolutely beautiful instrument. I saw this in person on Sept 3rd 2016 and am THRILLED to say that this 101 year old beauty now has a new home. Great work by Paul Dewalt."  ---Stephen Brittain

From Angies List: "Extensive reconstructive work on paino Paul was excellent, knowledgeable, and well-priced. I plan on hiring him ongoing for routine maintenance."  ---Anonymous

From Angies List: "Mr. DeWalt came out for an initial tuning of my 1967 Kawaii baby grand- Cost was eactly as he quoted on his website but he also adjusted pedals and a few other things that are normally not part of a standard tuning. It was already sounding better. Then I asked him to return to work on some further adjustments, he spent 2 additional hours repairing some unforseen broken parts but still charged the same price he had originally quoted me. He was punctual and professional and we also enjoyed hearing him play as he tested out the piano after tuning I was completely satisfied with his work." ---Anonymous